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after watching the venom sequel let

there be carnage we are in shock

especially after a post-credit sequence

that promises to change everything

carnage was promised and carnage was

certainly delivered any last

with a crazy and exciting ending

promising big things to come in the

world of venom but what does it all mean

exactly look at you now huh now you're

dying too well that's what we're gonna

take a look at here as we go over the

end of the movie and that shocking

post-credits scene and what exactly it

means for the franchise and the

character going forward spoiler warning

there will be heavy venom 2 spoilers in

this video

alright let's start off with the ending

before we move over to that post-credits

scene so unsurprisingly the movie ends

with a showdown between eddie brock's

venom and cletus cassidy's carnage in a

fight to the death during their battle

venom manages to get the upper hand

after shriek's yell saw carnage separate

from cassidy who then falls to the

ground before the two can bond again

venom puts carnage back inside its own

symbiote form before he bites cassidy's

head off and leaves his body by the

chapel ruins after this eddie and venom

flee to a remote desert island where

they can live their best lives and

actually live in peace after spending a

majority of the movie bickering with one

another while on the beach they talk

about finding a place in the world in

need of a lethal protector which comic

book fans will know is a reference to

the venom lethal protector series which

saw venom transition from the villain to

the anti-hero now this will more than

likely mean that there's a venom three

on the way depending on how well this

movie does in the box office and we'll

find eddie and venom using their

co-dependent relationship for good and

likely fighting another symbiote

somewhere along the line but uh which

symbiote will that be exactly while

carnage was seemingly defeated once and

for all in the sequel we can still never

rule out him making his return at some

point in the movies even if that means

him merging with a person other than

cassidy norman osborne perhaps but the

most likely villain for venom 3 is

patrick mulligan aka toxin for a

majority of the movie mulligan works

with eddie as he wants eddie to give him

any leads from his conversations with

cassidy however mulligan ends up being

kidnapped by carnage as shriek's

seemingly exacts her revenge on him but

this isn't exactly the end of mulligan

with the last shot of him showing his

eyes turning white which is setting up

his role as another red symbiote well

like half red toxin while venom and

toxin's relationship is pretty dynamic

in the comics toxin will likely be an

out and out villain in the next venom

movie and we wouldn't be surprised to

see the two symbiotes clashing in the

near future

but without further delay let's talk

about that post-credit scene which

officially confirms that venom is part

of the mcu the scene starts with both

eddie and venom watching a soap opera on

tv as the two bicker over keeping

secrets between them and everything

venom has seen and knows during his time

spent traveling through space just as

venom is about to show eddie a glimpse

of what he knows everything starts to

change as the room starts to vibrate and

shake and a bright light fades from the

sky eddie then finds himself in a much

fancier hotel room than the one he was

originally in and in a new location

entirely then on the screen we see a

familiar news report delivered by none

other than jk simmons j jonah jameson

who just like he did in the far from

home post-credits sequence reveals peter

parker's identity as spider-man to the

rest of the world and how he's

responsible for the death of mysterio as

the image cuts to a picture of peter

venom licks the screen

which is both foreboding and pretty

creepy the scene wraps up with a

stranger coming out of the bathroom and

saying dude what are you doing in my

room now what's the likelihood that guy

got eaten huh

but now that he's part of the mcu what

does this actually mean and when will we

see venom going up against or fighting

with spider-man well seeing as venom

seemingly transitions to the mcu this

suggests that the sony universe ran

parallel from the sacred timeline

established in loki seeing as venom

comes in at the end of far from home and

not during the events of no way home it

is likely that the actions in loki

brought venom into the mcu and not dr

strange's spell either way though this

means that venom could feasibly appear

in no way home and perhaps is that

mystery character seen in the trailer

after all you know the one which led

fans to debate over whether it was

either venom or lizard my god there was

so much talk about it now seeing as

venom was licking the screen after

seeing peter the transition to the mcu

could have reset all of the character

growth seen in venom 2 and make him be

an all-out villain again this could mean

that he'll be a member of the sinister

six and could start hunting down spidey

alternatively if venom remains the

anti-hero he could actually end up

helping spidey against the sinister six

but who knows this is of course assuming

that venom appears in no way home and

not in another mcu movie like doctor

strange in the multiverse of madness or

perhaps a movie like spider-man 4 home

alone with venom however with kevin

feige suggesting that tom holland could

leave the mcu and go to another universe

and with marvel and sony's symbiotic

relationship being even more tenuous

than eddie and venoms what could happen

is that venom and spider-man leave the

mcu together and move over to the

already established sony universe with

the likes of craven and morbius in the

works sony is obviously banking on this

universe being a success and they could

potentially make a slew of live-action

spider-man movies as we mentioned

earlier venom 3 was teased at the end of

the sequel so it's unlikely that they

would not come back to that universe and

the characters they seemingly left

behind so we wouldn't be too surprised

if venom's tenure in the mcu is

short-lived but of course this is all

conjecture at this point

before we go could a potential mcu movie

starring venom be a secret wars flick

with the seeds already being sown a

secret wars movie feels likely and

perhaps could involve our favorite

symbiote but admittedly i'm not holding

my breath


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