Breaking news 【2022】5 people dead at Tulsa medical building, in the 233rd mass shooting

Tulsa police confirmed that a shooter killed four people at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Okla., on Wednesday.

The breaking news out of tulsa oklahoma. There has been another mass shooting at least three people are dead inside a medical building in tulsa oklahoma.

seven more people have been shot. The shooter is now dead according to tulsa police.

Tulsa police confirmed that

Swat teams are working on getting everyone out of this area safely. Again this all happening in tulsa we will keep following this story as we get any updates during the show.

And now to the latest on the school shooting in texas the uvalde school district says.

They will not return to rob elementary school officials. Are now working on a plan for students to attend.

Other schools meanwhile today funerals are being held for 10 year old jose flores teacher irma and her husband joe garcia.

Who died days later of a heart attack there are also growing questions about the cooperation of the uvalde city.

And school police department with state investigators the texas department of public safety.

Says the school police chief has not responded to them for days. New tonight a granite bay high school student was arrested after allegedly threatening to shoot.

His school in a letter to parents granite bay high school officials say. They received a tip about the threats on tuesday night then they contacted placer county sheriff’s office.

Who went to the student’s home and made the arrest no weapons were found and police believe students are safe.

There’s no ongoing threat they say they encourage those that see something to say something.

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