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Chak de india movie introduction

Chak De India is one of Shah Rukh Khan’s other best movies.  It is a movie that has not lost much of its popularity since its release in 2007.  Nowadays many viewers try hard to watch this movie.  So today we have solved that problem.

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Chak Deh!  India is a 2007 Indian hockey film.  Give it a whirl!  India is directed by Simit Amin, produced by Yashraj Flims, written by Joydeep Sahni, and controlled by ReelSports.

The film is based on the autobiography of Kabir Khan, the former captain of the Indian hockey team.  Shah Rukh Khan has played his role.  Kabir Khan was a talented player.

Movie Name Chak De India
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Theater Release dates 11/03/2022
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Movie Total Budget ₹20 crores
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Country India
Language Hindi
Starring Main character shah rukh khan
Story Writers Jaideep Sahni
Full Movie Hours 2 hours 29 minutes

But he made the biggest mistake of his life in a final match between India vs Pakistan and they lost the match.

This rate he could not bear and he moved away from the world of play and became isolated. chak de india full movie download.

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Kabir Khan and his mother moved to their original home but they could not live in peace there.  Many reprimands from neighbors have to be endured.

Such insults have to be endured for many days.  Get rid of this scandal on your own after 7 years.

Through his own efforts, chak de india full movie in tamil Kabir Khan was appointed as the coach of the Indian women’s hockey team.

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Kabir Khan led the Indian women’s hockey team with a team of 16 members.  Then Kabir Khan regains his lost reputation and returns to their home with his mother. chak de india full movie download mp4moviez.

Those who insulted him a few years ago later welcomed and congratulated him. You don’t know how to watch Chuck De India full movie online? Click the play button below to view.

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Give it a whirl!  The total of this 635 million of India film, Chak De!  India is India’s third highest grossing film of 2007.

Give it a whirl!  India received many awards.  Give it a whirl!  India won the Best Film award,

chak de! india cast R&B won 8 awards and Best Popular Film won the National Award for Healthy Entertainment.

4 unknown facts about Chak De India movie


  1. The most popular song in Chak De India movie is Chak De Oh Chak De India.
  2. Hockey sales increased by 30% after the release of this movie.
  3. It took 6 months to find the hockey player’s characters.
  4. They were given 4 months of training before playing the role of a hockey player.
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The Indian Hockey Federation in April 2008 emphasized the impact of the suspension film.

Later a new hockey council was formed, Chak De!  Former hockey player Aslam Sher Khan said after watching the India film,


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chak de india full movie free download

“We will build a good quality hockey team. There are good players in different parts of the country. We will form a strong team with them.”

Chak de India it was a fantastic movie. it had an engaging script brilliant performances and a mind-blowing climax.

But sports was not at the core of the movie i know it’s an outrageous claim to make. But i repeat sports was not at the core of the movie.

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It was at the periphery it was just a medium to glorify the Muslim victimhood complex.

Both the Indian men’s and women’s hockey teams have qualified for the semifinals of the Tokyo Olympics.

The gargantuan achievement of the hockey teams players federation union and Orissa government. And everyone else that played a minuscule yet important role in helping the team achieves glory.

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