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sonic the hedgehog

In the first scene, there’s Sonic who can run in supersonic speed

He’s running from a man in moustache, in the whole city
That man is shooting Sonic Scenes rewind, and start of the story is shown Sonic is living in a far off planet with his caretaker owl, Longclaw He’s not paying attention to what Longclaw is saying and running at super speed Longclaw admonishes him that people would try to get him because of his unique powers and he won’t be safe. But sonic thinks that no one has seen him because of his speed But then Echidnas’ tribe arrows hit them Longclaw saves Sonic from it and flies off of the house An arrow hits her and Longclaw falls because of it She hands Sonic a bag of rings that can open a portal to other planets, countries and cities And she opens a portal for him to enter Earth She advises him to stay safe and closes the portal after he’s gone Sheriff of Green Hills Tom is standing at the roadside for speed limit Sonic checks his speed Tom shockingly comes out of his car to check He finds Sonic’s fur in the grass, he picks it up and takes it with him

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Sonic is spending a happy life on earth He thinks that town’s people haven’t met him but they’re his friends

Tom and his wife Maddie are his best friends, and Carl is his friend as well

He has met him many a times, and he tells other his stories; calling him blue devil

But no one yet believes. Sonic has planned of using ring to go to the mushroom planet if he gets caught

Where there are only mushrooms founds sonic the hedgehog 2

Sonic doesn’t know that Tom has requested of shifting to San Francisco police department

It gets accepted and he sends Maddie to San Francisco to see the apartment

Whereas, sonic is impressed by baseball match of a school

He plays baseball alone, afterwards. Where he’s the baller, batsman, catcher and runner, all at once

He then realize that he’s so alone and he’ll always be alone

His sadness turn into anger and he starts running on the baseball pitch with his sonic speed

A magnetic pulse is created that stops the power supply to Pacific North-West

Tom’s friend Wade calls him to ask him about a solution to this problem

He sees that the fur that he had picked up, is shining

He gets stunned at seeing it, whereas US defense department holds a meeting where they’re talking,

that maybe it is a terrorist attack

And they reluctantly decide taking help of a roboticist and genius scientist, Dr. Robotnik

Next morning, he takes his huge truck, employ stone and 2 cars to the military camp

He has taken the major authority and sent his drones to the forest to collect clues

Drones detect Sonic’s footprints that doesn’t belong to any creature living on earth

He’s convinced that he’s an alien and he sends military near the footprints to find him

Sonic sees soldiers coming with their dogs and prepares himself to leave for the mushroom planet

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Soldiers come above his cave, and sonic decides to use his ring at a safer place He’s using his ring at Tom’s house and tom enters there
He gets scared and shoots him with tranquilizer, sonic is getting dizzy He sees Tom’s shirt of San Francisco in his dizziness He drops the ring and says San Francisco to which, ring opens a portal to San Francisco The bag of rings fall over a building and portal gets closed Sonic then faints out. Tom has locked him in a cage and is staring at him in surprise Sonic wakes up, when he’s trying to take his photograph He says that he wasn’t there to kidnap Tom, meanwhile Rob shows up outside with a truck Sonic begs him and Tom hides him in his attic pitiably He goes out to talk to Rob. Rob has already seen Sonic’s footprints outside his home He wants to get into his house by saying that he has come from a power company Tom yet refuses him to enter and Rob sends his drones inside his home to check Tom is preventing Rob from entering his house, Sonic is scared of drones and he goes deep inside attic Hearing that, Rob pushes Tom and enters in there He sees a raccoon instead, he’s heading back when he sees Sonic’s fur on the table Rob’s drone is ready to attack Tom Rob gives him 5 seconds to speak up, but then Sonic shows up and tries to stop Rob and he goes unconscious after Tom hits him Drone is destroying his home while Tom destroys the drone itself He then takes Sonic and leaves on his car, while Stone finds Rob at Tom’s house He gets angry and asks him to follow Sonic because he wants to know the origin to his energy He wants him for his experiments, and he’s willing to kill Sonic if Sonic didn’t cooperate Sonic tells Tom the whole story, and asks him to take him to San Francisco But tom doesn’t want to risk anything and leaves him with the directions Just after a minute, Sonic comes back and says that he lost his rings because of him Now he has to take the responsibility of taking him to San Francisco Tom agrees and they’re off to San Francisco. Tom stops to call Wade and get some food He leaves Sonic in the car. Rob and his team is already there when he calls Wade

sonic the hedgehog movie

They’ve already questioned Wade, Rob talks to Tom on call and hangs up on him Tom brings food to his car and doesn’t find Sonic there
Tom sees a party at the nearer club and thinks that he must’ve gone there He enters the club and finds Sonic enjoying; wearing human clothes Sonic says that he has never experienced anything like that, Tom then talks of bucket list Sonic makes a bucket list to do before he leaves earth, he completes some of them with tom in that club They’re enjoying when 3 thugs show up and ask them to leave Sonic tries to re-enact action movies by breaking a bottle at the head of one of them But he fails, that thug then punches him but it hits tom instead A fight is provoked in the whole club, gradually 2 of the thugs are taking tom to fight him while another is fighting Sonic He uses his speed to handle the whole situation and save tom from the thugs Tom takes Sonic from there and leaves instantly They’re happy to enjoy at its fullest. They take a hotel room and Tom peaks at Sonic’s bucket list He sees that Sonic wants to make a real friend. He’s called domestic terrorist and declared, wanted Next morning, Rob inspects club to try to know about the location of Sonic and tom Thug can’t help him more than just directions, and Rob finds them himself Rob has sent his car after them, they’re unaware and fighting over the fact that tom is leaving During their talks, robotic car sticks its hook in their dashboard to pull them towards itself

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Sonic is in anger and electromagnetic pulse is created around him, he steps out and destroys the car

Then Rob sends another Robot that fires discs to stop their car, at them

Sonic chases them and destroys the robot itself


But yet another Robot comes out of it, tom asks sonic to drive and steps out to handle the robot

He destroys it but yet another tiny robot comes towards them

And it destroys the upper part of their car, sonic is about to hit it but,

The robot is stuck to his hand. Tom pulls over to help him get the robot off of his hand

That robot explodes, sonic gets injured and faints then and there

Tom thinks that he died. Rob is angry to see both of them alive and he’s getting it off at stone

He then realizes that he can research over Sonic’s fur that is in his pocket

He gets to know that Sonic has unlimited power, he can use it to make his machine more powerful

And for that, he needs sonic. Whereas tom has taken sonic to Maddie’s sister’s home

Where Maddie’s living, her sister starts fighting Tom,

That he should get him out of the house, tom’s dog Ozzy takes the cloth off of sonic

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Sonic is revealed upon them. Tom then ties Maddie’s sister and shows sonic to Maddie So that she can help sonic because she’s a vet, but there’s nothing she’s comprehending to do


He smells a smelly sock and comes back in senses. Maddie then asks tom about the whole situation Maddie agrees upon helping them, and Maddie’s niece Jojo brings new sneakers for sonic And sonic has bonded with Ozzy as well Maddie and tom are taking sonic to the building where rings are Sonic instantly checks the whole building But the door to the roof is locked, they then put sonic in a bag and head towards the receptionist They somehow get the keys, and sonic finds his bag of rings at the roof He’s seeing them off when Rob shows up with his drones in a jet He pushes tom and Maddie aside and uses his speed to reverse their bullets at them Sonic heads towards tom and Maddie to save them but Rob is after him in his jet That jet has the same speed as sonic because he had taken power from his fur Sonic uses his ring to send Maddie and tom to Green hills

sonic the hedgehog Full Movie Download

Then he collects all his rings and runs; saving himself That first scene from the movie is repeated, where he’s running from Rob in the whole city Sonic is surprised at Rob’s speed, he opens portal to various countries like France, china and Egypt Sonic tricks Rob into a cyclone and is using his ring to get to Green hills But Rob has accompanied him. Sonic collapses because of Rob’s bomb and he’s about to kill him , when tom tries to stop him by getting over the jet but Rob throws him away He’s about to kill sonic that already seems dead when Carl and Wade show up with rest of the people , to stop him. Tom then says that Sonic is his friend and he’ll save him Sonic gets up with an extreme level of energy and pushes everyone aside Rob shoots bullets at him, he defends himself and takes all his energy back from Rob’s jet He then asks tom to open a portal and sends Rob to the mushroom planet and closes it Then tom and Maddie decide that they’ll live in Green Hills And all of them head towards their homes happily Lastly, tom and Maddie are fixing their house when general comes there He asks them to stay quiet about the incident because government has covered it all And they’ve omitted Rob’s existence as well. He asks them about sonic but they refuse to know anything Then sonic calls for them and they take him to their attic to show him his room Rob still has fur in mushroom planet And he’s planning on coming back to earth and catch Sonic And the movie ends with that!

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