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if you talk about the performance okay like first half of the movie you will see a lot of skin presence of Fahad Fazil sir.

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Like you know what we are so small to comment on his acting. Trust me the way he has performed in the first half and before that actually the movie starts with the is like spectacular like his body language dialogue he’s feeling like it’s kind of a silent killer.

But he knows he’s a silent warrior yes like he knows how to get his work done and that’s it he’s like heartless you can say that it’s like do whatever you want.

I’m not going to spare you yes he said he was like simple like it but it was powerful he was crazy you know what whatever movie he is doing.

He is passionate creating especially a role of a negative character. He is like challenging himself that’s true like entry.

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I was like what i mean people were literally whistling he was entered like screen you have like also the way like people were like literally screaming amazing like.

I cannot say he is like there is no one else, who have been a perfect villain here the way he has performed and everything is like crazy

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