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dum laga ke haisha

Dumb laga kehesha in 1995, prem prakash tawari [Ayushman Karana] owns a video cassette shop in the local market of herrod, war who subscribes to nationalist organization (RSS).


He daily visits its shakha (branch) for their early morning ritual of recitation of the national anthem, pledge to the nation and exercise.

One of the key value of the organization is abstinence, although senior members are married and there are no restrictions on the marriage of junior members.

However, it is expected that their members should not indulge in their married life at the expense of service to the nation.

His father is keen on getting him married to an educated overweight girl sandhya (Bhumi Pednakar).

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In spite of not liking her, the school drop out prem agrees to marry her as he cannot win over a girl with ‘Juhi Chala-level-of-looks.’

In addition, as sandhya is trying to be a school teacher, his family asks him to think of this alliance for financial help too.

Eventually in an elaborate community-wedding ceremony, Prem and sandia get married.

Prem visibly shows his disinterest in the marriage and does not consummate the marriage on the wedding night.

While his sister, aunt and mother argue about his non-existent life, prem leaves for Agra.

At home, Sandhya tries to get prem attracted to her. But he is too embarrassed to even walk with her on the street.

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Prem and sandhya’s relationship remains strained although they share a kiss and have sex on their second night together.


Shaka babu (branch in charge), advises him that since he could not uphold his path of abstinence he should rather focus on his married life.

Over time, sandhu’s frustration shows; when prem’s aunt brings up a petty topic, the two have a heated exchange of words and she tells them how he does not treat her well.

Amidst all this a close friend of prem nirmal gets married.

Prem and sandhya go for the ceremony where due to his excessive drinking and jealousy over his nermal’s pretty wife, he tells everyone that sleeping with sandhya feels like hell.

Santia hears this and slaps him in front of his friends and he slaps her back.

The following morning, sandhya reflects on what she’s been through, feels she has had enough and decides to leave prem.

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She blames her father-in-law for his lack of respect towards women and not giving his son a proper education.


Sandhya’s mother tries to pacify her saying she must return to her husband.

But she decides that she can live by herself. Meanwhile, prem decides to channel his energy into studying and to take his english paper again; he enrolls for the examination.

His friends give up on him; after a verbal squabble, they throw him out of the group.

He studies sincerely for the exam, but at the time of his exam, he is overwhelmed by the emotional turmoil and is not able to write a word.

Ultimately he plainly writes an emotional message to the person checking his paper that if at all he feels any pity for his state he should not award him with a zero or else his family would be reduced to zero (indicating his suicide attempt.)

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Soon, nermal’s father opens a shop selling music CD’S in the same market, clearly affecting prem’s family business.


Prem’s family talks to nermal’s family and the discussion end with nermal challenging him to participate and win the “Dum Lagake Haisha” the contest.

The contents entails him carrying his wife on his shoulders and running an obstacle course. Meanwhile, Sandhya and Prem reach the court to file divorce.

Sandhya reveals in front of the judge that she married him because she thought he would care for her.

On the other hand, prem bluntly reverts that he married her because he was under family pressure.

Prem’s father pleads the judge that divorce should not happen on petty issues and his family is more than happy to take her home, Sandhya’s parents too feel the same and support him.

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The court decides that the two must spend six months with each other and try to salvage their marriage.


Both decide to live together just as a formality, but they soon begin to get on, as they both start understanding each other.

Meanwhile, Sandhya is coerced into the contest.

Sandhya also feels that prem should take her to the contest, but it seems that Prem is too volatile to think straight.

They start coming close each passing day, but in Prem’s own words they lack co-ordination and are a total mismatch.

One fine day as prem returns home, he is disgusted to see that his family members are pretending to love culinary skills of Sandhya, which is basically boiled food devoid of spices.

He finally snaps and expresses his anguish of this pretence everywhere and attempts to suicide.

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At that same time, a police constable arrives at his home, owing to the complaint regarding his emotional letter (attempt to suicide) he had earlier written in his English exam.


At this point sandhya is moved and feels the pain of Prem, they have an open-hearted conversation and both realize that they might not be the perfect spouse for one another but care for each other deeply.

Sandhya gets accepted for a teaching job in meerut, which she gladly accepts since she feels that there is no one who cares about her anymore.

When she tells prem about it, he cannot come to terms with losing her and realizes that he is in love with her.

On the day of competition, Prem’s aunt successfully convinces him to participate in the competition and the couple takes a last chance to save their marriage.

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Surprisingly, prem shoulders the weight of his wife and surges past all other contestants.


In the last lap, Sandhya confesses to Prem that she does not want to go to mirror it and wants prem to let her stay.

Prem knows winning this competition as the only way to do this and pushes himself further to eventually win the race.

Prem does not let Sandhya get off his back even after the race is over.

He takes her back all the way to his house where they seal their love with a kiss.


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