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joker 2019

The story begins in the fictional city of Gotham.
where a joker named Arthur is shown on the street.
He is advertising a company. Then some children run away with his advertisement board. Arthur follows them, he catches the kids.

But those kids break his board and at the same time beat him badly. Actually the situation in gotham city is very bad.

People here have no job, no money, no food to eat and the crime rate of this city is also high.
After this Arthur is shown who goes to a Psychiatrist.
Where he is laughing out loud.  Actually he has neurological disorder. This disease is called psychotically delusional.  Where man maintains a different world in his mind.

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And sometimes the patient can’t differentiate between the real world and the world of his mind. Arthur is at the first stage of this disease.
In this disease, a person is not always able to express as he is feeling. That’s why whenever Arthur is in tension, he starts laughing out loud, that’s why he’s laughing.
He tells the doctor that he wanted to become a stand-up comedian. But gotham city which has become a world of crime, it is not so easy to make anything here.
He shows the doctor his diary, in which he writes, I hope the cost of my death is more than my life. After meeting the doctor, Arthur returns to his house, where he lives with his mother.
His mother once used to work for the mayor of this city, whose name is Thomas Wayne, who is a billionaire. But now they don’t even have a job.

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Arthur goes to work the next day, his colleague says that I heard someone hit you. Arthur says that they were children.  his colleague says you have to protect yourself in gotham city.
Heath ledger joker
That’s why he gives her the gun.  Although Arthur does not want to take the gun. but his colleague explains to him that it is needed by everyone in gotham town
Although Arthur takes the gun, but he is very innocent inside, he never wants to harm anyone. After this Arthur goes to a children’s hospital as a joker.
And while he’s laughing at the kids, the gun falls out of his pocket. After this, when Arthur calls his boss, he scolds arthur a lot.
He says why did you go to the hospital with guns in front of the kids. Arthur tells to save his job, that it was a part of my act.

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his boss says what kind of joker are you, who acts in front of kids by showing a gun. Also he says that your colleague told me that you bought a gun from him last week.
In fact, the man who worked with Arthur had forced this gun to him. He has lied to the boss that Arthur bought this gun from him, so he is fired.
Arthur, in grief and frustration, leaves for his house in the joker’s getup. And when he is on the train, there are 3 boys teasing a girl.
Arthur gets very angry seeing them, so he starts laughing out loud. Because he cannot present his emotions properly.
The girl who is sitting there, she gets up from there and leaves. And after that the three boys come to Arthur.  They say we didn’t tell any joke.


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