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 kesari Movie

kesari This is a movie made in the context of a real event. Where Akshay Kumar has acted as the main character.


 This movie was released in 2019. Where its box office collection is Rs 207.09 crore.

At the beginning of the movie we see an amazing event. Where many people’s voices can be heard. In fact, an Afghan man is going to kill a woman there.

 The one who was at fault was running away from home. But there Habildar Ishaar Singh saved the woman for that time.

In the next scene we see that there is a fight between Gulistan’s army in a small group from Afghanistan. 

But because of the small number of Afghans there, they lost that time as well. As a result of the previous incident, Isha Singh was blamed. As a result, he was transferred to another place.

Akshay kumar Kesari Movie 2019

Before the war we saw that, the man who knew the news of Afghanistan had not been coming for a few days. 

After going there, Isha Singh saw something else. All the young men of that village have gone to war, the children and the old are fixing the mosque. 

After seeing this, Isha Singh and his companions collaborated with those people.

The next day, 10000 Afghani drums were played and Saragarhi Kelai declared war, with only 21 Sikh soldiers against them. 

They received a letter from the English saying that they would not get any help. And instructed them to flee from there.

Kesari  Full Movie Download Filmyzilla 480p 720p Mp4moviez

But the Sikh soldiers did not want to flee but to fight with the Afghans and be martyred. 1 of the 21 soldiers was only 19 years old. 

kesari movie download

He who has never seen war before, is afraid to see that war.

In the meantime a soldier was martyred.  At that time, the Afghans wanted to stop fighting and talk, so Ishaar Singh went ahead to talk to them.

  The Afghans there say that if you want to flee, you can still flee, because your death is certain.

Isha Singh says we will fight and die fighting but we will not escape from the fort of Saragarhi.  

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Here, while talking, the killer sprinkles gunpowder on the wall.  Then war was declared again.

kesari Full movie download

Meanwhile, Isha Singh also used his intelligence to return the two Afghans and bombed their bodies.

  They crowded and exploded, killing many Afghans.


As a result, the Afghans became more and more angry.  And the time is 11 o’clock 5 minutes, there is still a lot of time to fall. 

 On this side some Afghans tried to break down the fort door and go inside.  And this time 2 more soldiers were martyred.

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