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I have said before that Bollywood needs to do something new if it is to sustain its own existence,

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Or is it like taking an online exam, doing things like taking an exam by looking at it.

And if Bollywood still cannot change itself, then after a few years it will be seen that the name of Bollywood cannot be found in the pages of Indian history.

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Then Bollywood will have no value like today’s exam results. If you are a Bollywood lover then you might feel bad hearing my words.

But I am not saying anything wrong, I am saying these words in the context of the present time. If you look back a few years you will see that.

At one time the mobiles of the Nokia company were very popular but nowadays the mobiles of this company are hardly seen.

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If this continues, the condition of Bollywood is also going to be the same. Let’s leave these aside and come to the main point.

Well, do you believe in luck? If you do, then good thing, and if you don’t believe, then you will be forced to believe at least once after watching this movie.

Actually, I was talking about Aamir Khan’s Laal Singh Chaddha movie. The movie is not released yet, it will release this year itself i.e. 11th August 2022.

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The movie stars Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor in lead roles. It is a remake version of the American movie Forrest Gump which was released in 1994.

The box office collection of the movie is really surprising. Laal Singh Chaddha movie depicts the life of a man who has spent most of his life running.

But he was not like that at first, not even one of the good qualities in his early life.

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When he was younger, his leg bones were crooked, for which the doctor attached a kind of rod through the nut bolt to his leg to slowly straighten it a bit.

As a result, it becomes difficult for him to move. One day the teacher called his mother and said that your child is different, some children are very intelligent, some children are normal, and some children are less than normal like your child.

But his mother does not give much importance to these things. When someone comes to help his son with his work, he agrees to let him do his own work.

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Because his mother taught him to deal with that kind of situation. So that he should never think of himself to others because of his condition.

He didn’t have any friends in such a situation. Everyone in school looked at him differently, no one wanted to sit next to him on the school bus.

But his mother allowed him to look into those things. And he used to say that you should never consider yourself smaller than anyone.

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His only friend was Rupa Kaur. Like every day they were going to their place of play one day.

But when some boys from her school came and started pelting stones, Roopa Kaur told her to run away, and from there she started running.

At first, he was unable to run as his leg was fitted with a rod. But seeing the boys coming towards him, he ran with the last of his strength.

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As a result, the rods attached to his legs began to fall off. And as a result of his running, he did not have to be caught by those boys again that day.

From that day on his leg was fine and he never had to use a rod on his leg again.


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