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blouse designs

There are two aspects to the design of a blouse.  Front and back.  Some people like the design of the back, some like the front and some like the front and back also.

If you do not know which way to go, you can look at the following designs. We will show you first the design of the front and then the design of the rear and at the end both sides.

back neck latest blouse designs Sheet type

back side blouse designs


Not everyone has the same choice so we are trying to show you all kinds of blouses thinking of everyone.  You can see these if you want a blouse on the back.

saree blouse designs

 There is words, woman in the sari. In other words, sari and women are complementary to each other. Bengali men dhoti is Punjabi and sari is one of the women’s clothing.

cut blouse

If you want to make your own blouse, the first thing you need to learn is to cut the seat properly, because the cut of the blouse determines what it will look like.

You need to take the neck first, then the arms, body round, also the long size.  Now you have to cut the seat of the blouse according to that size.  But remember, for sewing, you have to cut a part bigger than each size.

silk saree blouse designs

In terms of price, there is no doubt that the blouse design of silk saree will be one of them.  It has to be matched with the sari just like the lehenga.


But when you buy this blouse, you have to take a good look.  Because the seat of this blouse is made of silk, many times you can make a blouse with a low quality silk seat.

net blouse designs

Because you have to design on the net, you have to work very hard to make these blouses.  These blouses are up to the wrists, the sides of the hands are just mesh, and the net is covered with designs on the chest and back.
They can be a little annoying to wear as they are net.  However, you can try using blouses of this design on any special day.

neck designs

If you like to keep your hair short, or if you want to go somewhere with your hair tied, you can try using these blouses.

Because it is designed on the back, it is covered with hair most of the time.  However, for those whose hair is short, there can be no dispute as to whether it can be the best.

blouse designs for pattu saree

Pattu saree design is a design with a part of the row, covering the whole sari.  Pattu design is a part with eight fingers equal in size, with a long border.
This part is in front so that everyone’s eyes fall on that side.  And the blouse made by matching that sari is called Pattu blouse design.

lehenga blouse design

The lehenga blouse is a design that not everyone can make.  Because to make it, you need to have a lot of skill in making blouses.  Not everyone wants to make this blouse, which is why the demand for it is so high.

wedding blouse designs

Blouses are one of the most worn everyday outfits. Blouse It is the overall daily routine of every married malhar use. Especially for rural women it is a daily necessity.

Whether it is a wedding at home or a religious festival, or an institution’s festival.  I want a new design blouse with sari.

It is nice to see women wearing blouses with sarees, but not all types of blouses suit all women.

For example, suppose that the blouse of a woman with a fat body is not suitable if worn by a thin woman.  If you make a blouse according to the size of the blouse according to the structure of your body, then you will look different from others.

bridal blouse designs

Below we will show you different types of blouses for different types of blouses for older women and new fashion designs for young women.

Today I will try to present to you the new blouse designs of that new year 2022. These may be best for you to use yourself, or give as a gift to someone.

The main purpose of our post, So that you don’t have to worry about after going to the store.

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