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lover guri punjabi movie download

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lover guri punjabi movie download

Love is a touch that once someone touches, he will never forget feeling of that touch.

This is not the Quote of any great man, it’s my real-life experience. Once I had this feeling, When I was in school, I will talk about this another day.

lover guri movie download

But I couldn’t stay here without quoting some great people. If you love someone or decide to love someone then keep these three sayings in mind.

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“When love is unknown to you, you will not understand what happiness is”

Rabindranath Tagore

“When you love someone you will understand what pain is”

Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay

“When you lose love, you understand what life is all about”

Michael Madhusudan Dutta

The first scene of the movie trailer, shows a man sitting in a chair in a liquor store with a bottle in his hand.

lover guri full movie free download

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He was then heard to say something, in fact his experience of love was told in the voice of dialogue. He is the hero of this movie.

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And then the previous events are shown. Most of the events in this movie will show what happened before.

lover guri movie download

Some current time scenes will be shown so that the viewers do not have any problem understanding the events.

Today, like every day, he wakes up in the morning to the sound of the clock alarm. He wakes up and gets ready to go to school.

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When he is ready, he packs his bags, books, and the i-card on the table and goes to school. Seeing Guri going to school, it is clear that he is in a hurry.

He has a bicycle to go to school, Bicycle She goes to school every day. One day when it was raining he came to school by auto, but I’m not sure if he came to school by auto or by bicycle every day.

Sitting in the back seat of the auto, he removes the triple from the small window in the back and looks at the man he loves (Ronak Joshi), and smiles to himself.

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The scene changes and we are shown the events of another day, where Guri gets to see Ronak Joshi soaking wet in the rain.

lover guri punjabi movie download hd

Meanwhile, Ronak Joshi started enjoying the rainy season with an umbrella over his head.

Seeing Guri getting wet in the rain, his friend brought an umbrella and brought it to his head and to his friend’s head so that they would not get wet.

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That’s how their day goes. And Guri, Ronak continues to follow Joshi.

One day Guri became hallucinated and hugged and kissed the Electric pole thinking Ronak Joshi.

One day Guri proposes in front of everyone in the school. saying that, I will follow you with my bicycle behind my whole life, I will clean the car seat for you, I will keep watching you in secret, I will be by your side all my life as a shadow.

lover guri 2022 punjabi movies download

At night they create code words to talk to each other. For this, they use the lights on the verandah above the roof as a medium.

By switching on and off the lights, they communicate in this way through code words. Some days they enjoy the days with each other happily.

But if everything had been so simple, would it have taken its place in the film? After that, the villain enters the story.

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