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The film through its screenplay aims to shed light on a brotherhood that develops between two freedom fighters.

The separate paths on which they embark inadvertently come across many bumps cracks and misunderstandings.

Along the journey challenged the very foundation of their relationship only to explore further the atrocities committed by the British.

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And for the conscience and loyalty for one’s motherland to kick in and join hands with one another, to fight for the greater cause of the freedom of India.

In the movie’s first scene we see a baby girl sing a song, The British officer’s wife is fascinated by this.

As a result, they forcibly took the child away, and when his mother tied him up, he was killed on the spot.

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The scene is cut and we see one of the main characters of this movie whose name is Rama Raju.

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He stood up against the movement against the British. And we see that he alone is harassing hundreds of people.

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Someone came to the British officers and informed them that someone was coming to rescue the girl you had detained.

Scene Change is a person standing in front of a blood-stained body, a little later he is seen hunting a tiger.

But he did not kill the tiger but kept it alive. We’ll find out at the end, what is the reason for his catching this tiger.

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The tiger that was actually caught is another one of the main characters in this movie, who has come to release that girl.

Since he would go and work against the British, he went to a Muslim family and started living in disguise.

The British officer said that Ram was given the responsibility to catch the guy who was about to be released the girl, and if he could do this, he would be given a great honor.

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Since Ram has no picture of the man, he joined the freedom fighters so that he can easily catch him.

Because the only entry into the British Mahal was through the freedom fighters.

When Ram finds out about the protector from a man, the man realizes and runs away.

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Then they came to a river and there was an accident. As a result, a boy got stuck in the middle of the river. He is seen by both Ram and Bhima.

They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.

After that Bhim comes on the bridge with Royal Enfield Bike and Ram on horseback.

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There they rescued the boy with great courage. After this, they became good friends with each other.

Bhim likes the British officer’s daughter, but he doesn’t understand her language so Ram helps him to seduce the girl.

Since the girl’s car had broken down, Bhim gave the girl a lift under the pretext of helping her.

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One day the British girl invites Bhim to a program. Bhim goes to learn and sees that baby girl.

They cried on top of each other and asked the girl to take Bhim from there. Bhim promises to take him away from there another day.

Meanwhile, Ram catches the man who can give him information about the keeper. Ram tortures him a lot but he doesn’t mention his name at all.

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And by trickery he catches a snake and throws that snake towards Rama, the snake bites Rama, and tells Rama that there is no medicine for this snake.

Ram somehow comes from there and goes to Bhima, he can’t call Bhima even when he reaches Bhima.

He made a sound with an iron so that the sound came to him when he heard it. And that’s exactly what happened.

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