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Rustam This is a movie based on a true story.  This movie shows the events that took place in 1959, a few years after the country became independent.

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The movie is no less than a crime thriller.  If you don’t watch the whole movie, you will think about who is the hero and who is the villain.

  This is not the first movie based on this incident and 2 Indian movies have been made before.

 The film focuses on the importance of 3 people as the character of salvation and also more and more characters are seen.

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 Indian man Rustam Pavri and English woman Cynthia Pavri Nike and the heroine were married in 1949.  

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Within a few years they had 2 children.  Exactly 10 years after the marriage, in 1959, a surprise incident took place.

  Rustam Chinema has shown that agitation. The movie depicts a naval officer having an affair with his friend and his wife.

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 A great example of whether one can fall in love is this rustom 2016 full movie, where the heroine of the movie develops a relationship with another person despite being the mother of 2 children. 

 On the other hand, the hero of the film shot and killed the friend because the man in love had a relationship with the friend.  From this it is understood that love can do almost anything.

 If you do bad things, you will get the consequences.  It won’t take long for you to understand, if you watch the whole Rustam movie.

Rustom Story

 Akshay Kumar i.e. Rustam Pavri, after he returned home from naval work, his wife Cynthia Pavri could not be found at home so I searched for him a lot.

  Later they find out from the housemaid that she is not at home.  And it is almost like returning home late at night.

 Later one day he is not seen having a physical relationship with his friend Vikram Makhija.

  After returning home, Rustam Pavri saw many letters in their house.  

Which is written by both his friend and wife and he finds writing there about a lot of bad relationships.

 Soon after, Rustam Pavri angrily shot and killed his friend.  Later the police came and arrested Rustam Pavri and took him away.

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