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Spider man no way home Movie Download

now let’s get into
the No Way Home Trailer Breakdown.
Ok so the first trailer for the movie very
much tackled the first part of the film. It
pretty much showed the ramification of Peter’s
name being revealed, how it changed his life,
his attempt to change things with the help
of Doctor Strange and how this ultimately
backfired and brought across several characters
from across the multiverse.
Now as for this trailer it leans heavily into
the villains, gives some of their motivations
and character beats and it also reveals their
incredible costumes before ending on a big tease.
However we start off with shots just before
the memory eraser spell and these include
ones that were shown in the first trailer,
namely the public enemy number one. This imagery
of a face of half peter half spider-man has
been used several times in order to display
his spider-sense and it was also shown on
the front cover of the daily bugle when reporting
the reveal.
Peter also says that he’s only had one week
where his life felt normal since he got bit
by the radioactive spider and this is when
MJ found out. I think the movie is very much
gonna tackle MJ also forgetting his identity
too and he’ll have to decide whether to bring
her back into it or not.
We see that he’s clearly put her in danger
as she not only comes off the bridge with
him which is something that we know she hates
doing but they also swing through the subway.
Now we see Strange saying that the MCU got
some visitors when Peter botched the spell
but it was on you bro. You botched the spell mate.

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Intercut with this are images of the pumpkin bomb before we we’re introduced to
our first big bad.
This is the Green Goblin who’s back in his
classic costume from the first Spider-man
Now we get a good look at the Green Goblin
who will be reprised once more by Willem Dafoe.
I always thought that it kinda sucked that
the Raimi movies killed off so many of the
villains as it would’ve been brilliant to
see Osborn appear throughout the entire trilogy.
I know that Harry hallucinated seeing him
in the other films but because of the impact
he left on the first movie it just felt like
something was missing. Though everyone loves
Doc Ock, for me Dafoe is the biggest villain
for the film and from what I’ve heard he’s
gonna be the main bad guy in it. There’s a
lot of leaks going around on the movie and
from what I’ve been told his costume will
go through several changes in it. Firstly
when the villains arrive he’ll be in his classic

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one from the Raimi verse. This will get damaged
and he’ll end up losing the helmet. From this
point out he’ll lie low and pretend to be
a homeless person and he’ll wear a pancho….is
it a pancho. Anyway he’ll then travel to FEAST
which as we know from Far From Home, is run
by Aunt May. Here he’ll encounter Peter and
he’ll tell him about the villains dying if
they go home which will set off a chain of
events that leads to Peter freeing them. I’ll
talk about this more later on in the plot
leaks part of the video but Goblin will also
get drones and he’ll wear goggles for his
final look which I’m sure you’ve seen if you’ve
been following the channel. Which you bloody
should have.

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Now as for the Black Suit, it’s been confirmed
now that this will actually just be the Red
and Black suit turned inside out. If you saw
some of the shots from the leaked alternate
trailer you’ll have known for a while now
that this happens because Peter gets green
paint thrown over him by a mysterio supporter.
Now yesterday Big Screen Leaks revealed that
the magic webs we’ve seen in the toys and
so on will actually be given by Strange to
Peter and these will have the power to send
the villains back to the prison below the
sanctorum. That’s a really good idea and it
makes sense as to why he’d use these.
It’s also possibly that he keeps some of the
Nanotech and this is how he makes the integrated
suit which looks like a cross between the
black one and the Iron Spider.
From this point we get some extended looks
at the bridge scene namely Ock fighting Peter
after he likely just jumped off the car that
he suited up on.
This is an awesome action scene and Peter
even uses double webs to swing under a car
as he avoids being hit by the metallic arms.
Now Doc Ock was heavily revealed in the first
trailer and he was pretty much the thing they
closed out on to blow everyone’s mind.
This actually took place at the hudson river
which is where the character was killed in
the Raimi movie.

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Though he seemed like quite a threatening
presence at the time, it seems like he’s actually
trying to reason with Peter in this one which
makes me think he’s not a malevolent force.
If you pay close attention to the differences
between this new look and the last one you
might also notice that the villains tentacles
have changed slightly. This was shown in the
Empire Magazine photo images and we watched
as they went from their normal look when he
was squeezing Peter’s head to having red and
gold laced throughout them. I actually have
a theory that when Doc Ock holds Peter in
the air that the tentacles absorb the nano
tech in his suit and that this is then taken
over by the tentacle AI. This would also explain
why Peter doesn’t really seem to use the integrated
suit that much beyond the Bridge scene and
if you look at the trailer and images he’s
kinda swapping between the Red and Black and
Black one. So I think that it will be absorbed
into Ocks tentacles and he’ll then go back
to his other version.
He also unmasks Peter in the trailer and is
confused as to why he’s not the Tobey Maguire
version. When the first trailer released a
lot of people theorised that the person he
was saying Hello Peter too was actually Tobey
but I think this confirms that it was indeed
just Hollands version.

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Now just as he has him on the wall you can
also see in slow motion that the nanotech
quickly covers Peters chest and it looks like
there’s less here, potentially tying into
that theory about it the Nano tech being on
his tentacles.
There’s more shots of Peter avoiding him and
we also get a fun bit in which they laugh
about how his name is Doctor Octopus whilst
he stands imprisoned. The de-aging on Molina
is fantastic and you might also notice that
MJ, Ned and Peter are all in the clothes that
they had on in the first look images. In that
we watched as they snuck down into the basement
and this joking moment in the sanctorum is
a nice juxtaposition between the fight on
the bridge.
Now I think this moment on the bridge is based
loosely on the Happy Birthday storyline. In
the graphic novel Dormammu attacked Time Square
in New York. Strange went to cast a spell
to send him back to the void but Peter Interrupted
this and it caused the multiverse to rip open.
In the tear of reality he encountered two
versions of himself, namely a one from his
past and a one from his future. Peter realised
that he could actually effect the realities
and slightly change things, potentially even
stopping himself from becoming r-Man.
Now I don’t think that this will happen however
he will definitely be meeting two alternate
versions of himself. The book ended with him
fighting lots of different villains from across
the multiverse which this movie is of course
doing. This raged across New York city and
it included all of the villains that we’ve
seen in the teasers.
Strange managed to restore reality and with
it being his birthday he gave Peter a present
and opening this actually brought forth the
spirit of Uncle Ben who said he was really
happy with him and how he’d handled his responsibilities.
Though I dunno if this will be in the movie,
I think it would be awesome to see Uncle Ben
and if they got a big actor to play the part
it would really end the film on a high note.
Now accompanying this bridge scene is a quick
shot of the Statue of Liberty which has a
Captain America shield. This is highly rumoured
to be where the final showdown is and on it
you can catch not only a stormcloud indicating
Electro but also the shield at the top and
a sign for the statue just below it.
Put a yellow arrow in so you can see it because
I know you miss it you idiot.
Later on in the trailer we get a shot in which
Peter stands on top of the statue’s head and
you can also catch him holding the cube as
well. There’s a blast on it similar to the
spell and my guess is that this is when they’re
all sent back home though I dunno if they
might remain in the MCU. I would love to see
that as it’s pointless bringing them back
just to off them so this moment might also
be pulling Tobey and Andrew across or sending
them home.
Either way there’s lot of moments of this
scene in the trailer namely it falling apart
and Peter jumping after Gwen.
We also catch Peter at a powerstation an I’m
guessing that this is where the showdown with
Electro is. Peter is put in charge of getting
the villains back and he has to scooby doo
this crap. We also see the opposite side of
the image from the first look and can confirm
that it’s indeed strange at the top of the
stairs. MJ rightly points out that all this
is kinda his mess, which yeah mate, you botched
the spell.
We get continued shots of the Sandman fight
and then also a look at someone reporting
on it, aka J Jonah Jameson. You can see that
he’s brought with him a daily bugle van as
well and it’s nice to see him reporting on
stuff instead of just being the editor that
he was in the comics.
Now the trailer very much gives us a reason
as to why Peter and Doctor Strange end up
going head to head. We very much learn that
if the villains are sent back to their homeworlds
they’ll be killed and that’s why dun dun dun…there’s
no way home.
In their own realities the Spider-men of their
universes were responsible for their deaths
and this is why Peter feels guilty. Now the
only villain who wasn’t killed originally
was Sandman but from what I’ve been told on
the movie we will end up learning what happened
after the events of Spider-man 3. Sandman
will apparently say that Peter forgave him
but Strange will inform us that they crossed
paths years later and he was killed during
that fight. Take that with a pinch of salt
but it makes sense as to why Sandman is wrestling
with being good and bad. The first trailer
did show him stopping an electro blast and
you could catch what looked like the pair
fighting so that makes a lot of sense.
I love how the villains are just really fighting
for their survival and I hope that the rumours
about their goal being to basically return
to their earth are true. That added humanity
we get in this new look is great and it really
helps to flesh out why Peter is desperate
to save them.
Now In the first trailer we got a good look
at the magical cube and in this we learn more
about it and how it’s holding them in place
at the sanctorum prison. Peter will steal
this and this will make Strange chase him
across New York and then into the Mountains
on the back of a train. I love how there’s
this real conflict between them and strange
is of course obsessed with protecting reality
whilst Peter very much wants to protect life.
Great conflict between them and throughout
the fight we’re gonna see things like the
cape grabbing Peter and so on.
Now we get a shot of Electro and I absolutely
love the way that they’ve made Foxx look.
From what I’ve been told the character will
warp into the MCU and it’ll be very reminiscent
of the opening of a terminator film in which
the killer robot arrives. This will be at
a power plant which is where he’ll steal an
engineer’s jacket and then he’ll get rid of
this to don what we see in the trailer.
The mask looks amazing and it’s very reminiscent
of his look in the comics but they’ve upgraded
it to make it so that it’s the electricity
that creates it instead of just being a piece
of cloth.
You might have also noticed that they’ve changed
the colouring on his electricity from blue
to yellow. This is also more inline with the
comics too and it further brings things closer
to the way that live action characters are
presented in the MCU.
There’s a lot more action shots and we see
three of the villains namely Sandman, Electro
and The Lizard.
Now we get a brilliant look at the Lizard
and can see that he’s in his more comic book
accurate costume. The villain will once more
be played by Rhys Ifans who I’m sure you know
from the Amazing Spider-Man series. In that
Dr. Curt Connors had lost his arm and he was
trying to use the healing factor of lizards
in order to find a way to regenerate his limb.
However this backfired and though it grew
back it turned him into a giant hulking lizard
at the same time. What I love about Connors
and well, most of the villains in this trailer
is that he’s somewhat of a tragic character.
I was absolutely obsessed with him in the
90s cartoon as it just fascinated me watching
his arm grow back and then him change into
this hulking beast. He had such a cool costume
too with the labcoat and I’m so glad that
they’ve brought it over for this movie. Each
of the costumes look very comic book accurate
and it just adds another layer of authenticity
to how much respect this movie is paying to
the source material.
Now we get a moment in which MJ falls and
Peter jumps after her.
Not only is this a slight callback to one
of the illusions in Far From Home but it’s
very reminiscent of the death of Gwen Stacey
from Amazing Spider-man 2. The moment pulled
from the comics in which the Green Goblin
threw Gwen off the side of the Brooklyn bridge.
Peter caught her but she died from either
the impact of the fall or because the breakneck
speed of the wed was literally breakneck.
Not a good pun.
Anyway he wrestled with the guilt over this
for some time and I love how this kinda hints
towards the comic storyline and Andrew Garfields
It would be pretty wild if MJ died at this
moment and hopefully she survives the fall.
Now strange very much hints towards more people
coming through the portal and I think this
will of course be Tobey Maguire and Andrew
Garfield. This trailer was very much about
showcasing the villains and I think that they
would’ve teased the other villains if it was
someone like a venom or so on.
In the post credits scene of let there be
carnage he was brought to the MCU so we kinda
already know that his entrance wasn’t in this
scene. So I’m really hoping that we get to
see them all come together but unfortunately
this trailer doesn’t end the debate of whether
they’re in the film or not though it does
definitely tease it.
Now for the next two parts of the video I wanna do my reaction first and then we can get into more of the plot leaks.
I thought I’d switch the
order first as you might wanna hear my thoughts
but not the major spoilers for the film.
Anyway I absolutely love the way that the
movie is shaping up to be and if they manage
to stick the landing on this then it could
be one of the best Comic Book Movies of all
Spider-man is one of the mediums most popular
characters and he’s right up there next to
Batman and Superman in terms of stature and
legacy. The character has had a number of
amazing films and his rogues gallery is arguably
one of the best too. To have all this coming
together for this movie makes it feel an epic
for a number of reasons. Not only are they
giving closure to Tobey and Andrew’s characters
but they’re also giving fans of every generation
that grew up with their own spider-man something
to get behind.
Director Jon Watts recently told Empire Magazine
that this movie feels like Spider-Man Endgame
and it certainly seems that way. I think it’s
gonna be absolutely filled with Easter Eggs
and I can’t wait to see what happens in the
They’re really putting everything that they
can into it and I think that it’s gonna be
one of the biggest movies of all time even
with the pandemic. People are just desperate
to see it and Sony have actually made people
hungry for it by holding off the marketing
because they know that the hype and speculation
is just gonna be so high for the movie.
Great second trailer and the two of these
together are absolutely amazing teasers for
a film that I really can’t wait to see. Now
as hyped as I am I have to keep a balanced
head and I know that because of everything
that’s going on in this movie that there is
a chance it’s gonna suck. They really have
to deal with the cliffhanger from Far From
Home, introduce the new villains, characters
and also have a great story too it so it doesn’t
feel like we’re just watching fight scene
after fight scene with the villains of yesteryear.
It’s gonna be difficult but Marvel have shown
us time and time again that they’re up to
the challenge and I can’t wait to see it when
the movie releases.
Now that takes us onto the leaks part of the
video and full spoilers ahead from this point
onwards. Leaks like this should be taken with
a pinch of salt but some stuff does seem to
be what happens in the two trailers so just
know that I won’t be casting a spell to make
you forget if you go past this point.
Now the opening of the movie is pretty much
what we’ve seen in the teasers with Peter
being bombarded in New York after the end
of Far From Home. He swings through the city
with MJ as it’s plastered everywhere that
he’s public enemy number one. Peter escapes
and ends up handing himself in which is when
Matt goes to his defence and gets him off.
Mysterio’s story doesn’t really hold up in
court and though Peter’s name is cleared it
doesn’t mean he has an easy life.
Everyone knows his name at this point and
there’s still some that believe Mysterio because
ey, fake news wouldn’t be published as much
as it is if there weren’t people still willing
to believe it.
Thus he goes to Doctor Strange who casts a
spell to make the world forget. Peter interrupts
this and then it breaks the multiverse open
which is when the villains from across the
multiverse come into the MCU. These include
Doc Ock, The Green Goblin, Sandman, Electro
and The Lizard.

Spider-Man: No Way Home 【2021】 Full Movie Download 720p, 480p and 1080P

Strange and Peter manage to capture
them and they put them in a prison below the
sanctum sanctorum. Strange wants to send them
back to their home worlds but he has to figure
out where they are first and how to do this.
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Norman visits them and they all recall their
death which Spider-man was present at. Osborn
realises that he needs the villains in order
to carry out his plan but strange’s magic
is too strong so he goes to Peter in the guise
of an ally.
He says that because they all died on their
worlds that sending them back would be a death
sentence and he blames the Peter of their
universes for their deaths.
Peter knows what it’s like to be wiped from
existence because of the snap and he doesn’t
want to put anyone through that.
This guilts Peter into stealing a magical
cube from Strange that frees the villains
and allows them to escape.
This is where Strange chases Peter through
the mirror dimension and we see New York collapsing
around them.
Strange finally captures him but it’s too
late and thus they’ve gotta stop Osborn before
he carries out his plan. Now I have heard
that the villains in the movie, namely the
ones who turned good actually now have a chip
in their head that controls them to some extent.
This may be developed from the AI tech in
Docs Tentacles but that’s just me guessing.
Sandman doesn’t have this because he’s basically
Sand and this is why we see him helping Peter.
There’s some big blow out battles and Osborn
ends up creating a giant arc reactor that
he positions over the statue of liberty. This
has a Captain America shield on it and it
makes for an amazing set piece. Unfortunately
from what I’ve heard, Aunt May dies during
the movie and we close out with the movie
feeling very tragic.
From what I’ve heard the post credits scene
contains Tom Hardy’s Venom and then as we
head into his third film, that will kinda
be where Let There be carnage picks up from.
Now apparently there have been multiple endings
filmed similar to Endgame and this is to stop
the spectacular spoiler-man himself Tom Holland
from letting things slip.

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