The fill the hollow full of light what is the hollow referred to here How does the look How lying in the hollow How is he lying there

“The fill the hollow full of light”- what is the hollow referred to here? How does the look? How lying in the hollow? How is he lying there?


->In ‘Asleep In The Valley‘, the hollow refers to the valley that lies between the mountain.

   ->The sunlight pours down from the mountaintop and fills the entire open space with light. Besides this, grasses on the bank of a stream look like long strands of silver.

   ->A young soldier is lying in the hollow.

   ->His hade rest on the pillow made a fern and limbs are ammong the heavy undergrowth covered with flowers and a gentle simple remains on his face. The appeals to nature to keep him warm and undisturbed as he sleeps peacefully in the lap of nature.

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