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The Twilight Saga movie download in hindi hdhub4u

The film story starts with a girl named “Bella” who is 18 years old. She was shifting from “Arizona” to Washington to her father “Charlie”.

Bella’s father was the chief of police in the town. For this reason, she was relocating to her father’s home. Because her parents had divorced. And her mother had married for the 2nd time.

This is the cause that “Bella” has to move to his father. Now “Bella” reaches his father’s house. He also meets with “Jacob” and her father, reaching there.

The Twilight Saga movie download hdhub4u

Jacob’s father was the good friend of Bella’s father. And “Jacob” gifts a truck to “Bella”. and he goes to school in the same vehicle.

“Bella” goes to school and she also makes new friends there.After this, she is taking lunch , sitting with her friends.

At the same time, Cullen’s family enters there. And there were “Rosalie” , “Alice” and other people in cullen’s family.

The Twilight Saga full movie download

Bella’s friend tells her about all of them. And she is telling about them, Meanwhile, “Edward” appears who is the last member of Cullen family and most charming boy.

Bella’s friend further tells her, They all are very skeptical! They live with one another and they have not any new friend yet.

Neither they have talked with anyone yet nor they have made any friend. After this, “Bella” sits with “Edward” in the class of biology.

The Twilight Saga full movie download in Hindi

“Edward” behaves awkwardly and he leaves away as the class is over. Now “Bella,” thinks for the whole day about the awkward behavior of “Edward”.

And he also thinks to face him on the coming day. But “Edward” does not come to school on the coming day.

But he remains absent for many days in the school not only for one day. Now “Bella” begins to wait for him . Then scene moves to a building.

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Where a man is running in order to rescue his life. But two men kill him after capturing him. After this, the scene shifts to “Bella” and his father leaves, saying to her,

That she may not wait for him on dinner time! Because they had to go somewhere for a case where a man has been killed  by animals.

Now Bella’s father is talking about the same man. Who have been seen at the very previous scene. And it is known that,

The Twilight Saga movie download

His killers are not anyone else but humans. After this, “Bella” goes to school where biology class starts. “Bella” is left astonished , witnessing “Edward” seated there.

More astonishing thing was this that “Edward” himself talks with “Bella”. And there is good link between them. And “Bella” also tells “Edward” the reason to come in the Forks.

Then “Edward” notices that Edward’s eyes colour has totally changed. “Edward” moves from there after being hesitated.

The Twilight Saga full movie

Now “Bella” stands near his truck to return to her house after her school. At the same time, a car is going to hit her, Then “Edward” rescues her , coming there.

There is appeared a large dent on the opposite car as “Edward” only stops the car with his hand. Seeing this, “Bella” is very shocked.

When “Bella” goes to the hospital where she meets with “Mr Cullen”. Who was the step father of “Edward”. When “Bella” tells him that she has been saved by “Edward”, Then he reacts unexpectedly.

The Twilight Saga download hdhub4u

After this, “Bella” notices “Edward” talking with “Cullen” and “Rosalie”. Then “Bella” calls “Edward” towards her. And she asks him how he did this.

But “Edward” moves away, not accepting anything. Now “Bella” was attracting to “Edward” day by day. But “Edward” was ignoring her. One day, “Edward” himself comes to “Bella” at school.

And “Bella” invites “Edward” for a beach party. Now “Bella” is waiting for “Edward” at sea site. Meantime, “Jacob” comes there along with his friends.

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Where Jacob’s friend says to her that Cullens do not come to the beach. Now “Bella” queries “Jacob” about this. “Jacob,” tells her that, His family is connected with the wolves.

They had seen Cullens while hunting in this region. But Cullens were different so there was made a pact  between Cullens and wolves.

According to this agreement, they will not move to wolves’ area and wolves in Cullens area. Now “Bella” is afraid, hearing all . And he asks “Jacob” about “Edward”.

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What is this? “Jacob” tells er that these are all myths! And he changes the topic. Now “Bella” overthinks about Jacob’s said words.

Then she begins to research on all these matters. “Bella” goes for shopping along with her friends. And she goes to a bookshop alone at night in order to purchase a book.

At the same time, some boys begin to chase “Bella”. “Bella” tries to run from those boys but “Edward” approaches there in the meantime.

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Now “Edward” takes “Bella” with him after protecting her from those evil boys. Now “Bella” again begins to ask the questions from “Edward”.

But “Edward” says to her , He wants to keep himself away from her! But “Bella” needed him so he had come here to help her.

Now “Edward” tells “Bella” that he can read the minds. And he can read the minds of every  man seated in the restaurant.

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But he was not getting ability to read the mind of “Bella”. So he is so disappointed. And it had never happened before.

“Edward” says to “Bella” that he is not keeping himself away from “Bella” in spite of his will. Now “Bella” knows after searching while returning to home.

That “Edward” is a vampire. Going to the school on next day, “Bella” takes “Edward” to a mountain. And she also asks her to face her. “Edward” tries to make “Bella” afraid too much at that place.

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But “Bella” says to “Edward”, I know this reality! That you cannot harm me. Later, “Edward” takes “Bella” on the top of the mountain.

Where Edward’s body begin to shine with the throwing rays of sun. Now “Edward” tries to keep “Bella” away from him after scaring her.

When “Bella” does not agree then “Edward” tells her that, His family is different from the other vampires. They only suck the blood of the animal.

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Now “Edward” tells “Bella” that he has waited for her for many centuries. Now his wait is over! Next day, “Edward” accompanies “Bella” to school.

All people watch them with astonishment. And “Edward” tells his family history to “Bella”. How “Mr Cullen” turned them into the vampires to keep them safe.

He tells that they all have the special powers. As he can read the mind. And “Alice” can foresee! Then “Edward” takes “Bella” to his home, Where “Rosalie” does not feel good , seeing “Bella”.

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According to her, family’s secret may be revealed because of involving a human being. “Edward” takes “Bella” to visit his house , not taking her serious.

And “Bella” and “Edward” spend a good time. On the other side, vampire hunting which was increasing day by day.

And townsfolk was depressed because of this. On the other side, “Edward” comes to the room of “Bella”. Where they talk with each other for the whole night.

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“Edward” continues to cast his loving look on “Bella” after her sleeping. Next day, “Edward” meets with the father of “Bella”, And he takes her with him , taking permission from him.

“Bella” is watching Cullens while playing the baseball. At the same time, “James”, “Victoria” and “Laurent” appear there.

They are the same vampires which are hunting in the Forks for a long time. Now they had known the relationship between “Bella” and “Edward”.

The Twilight Saga Download

Then “James” starts attacking “Bella” there, and the “Culllens” force them to flee. “Edward” informs “Bella”, “James” is a skilled tracker.

He never stops so he will have to be killed. Now “Bella” goes out of the house with “Edward after hurting them in order to rescue her father.

Saying this, she is moving to her mother. Now Cullen family plans to protect “Bella”. And “Alice” takes “Bella” with her. And all other members are ready for hunting.

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