Assuming you've at any point been to the Louver to see the Mona Lisa, you probably experienced controlled confusion inside.

Leonardo da Vinci's magnum opus is covered in a packed expanse of individuals, all taking photographs and attempting to get a brief look at the dream.

That didn't hold an eventual hoodlum back from endeavoring to harm the sixteenth-century painting in an obvious dissent this week, the Associated Press (AP) reports.

On Sunday, a man camouflaged as an old lady leaped out of a wheelchair and went after the Mona Lisa and her innovative glass encasement with cake.

In spite of the whipped cream smear he abandoned on the glass that safeguards the Renaissance work of art, exhibition hall authorities say the canvas was not harmed.

After the occurrence, the nonconformist was kept and shipped off a police mental unit.

In an explanation, the Louver said the gallery followed its common strategies with regards to individuals with decreased portability, 

permitting them to respect this significant work of the Louver," added the Times.