Every father loves his child, no matter what the child is. And all fathers are ideal fathers to their children.

Two people (1) mother (2) father will get the most credit for every moment of your growing up and becoming an established person in the society after growing up.

Well do you remember the day you set foot in school? How happy you were to be ready for school that day!

Gift For Father

It's about holding your dad's finger, or sitting in the back seat of a car or bike, going to your new destination. How beautiful that time was.

 I woke up in the morning with my uncle, washed my hands and face and sat in front of the bicycle with a small bag.

I was given a small batch from school that day. Everyone in the classroom was unfamiliar to me then. A boy told me at the time that you would befriend me.

Spending time with my dad is one of the best moments of my life. My father was a farmer.

One day he was plowing the land. My mother let me and my younger sister take food to my father.

My sister takes the food and I take the water. Seeing the father from a little distance, the place of water fell with excitement and so did the water.

Reaching my father, I asked him if he drank water and he said yes.